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Our Story

Like most teenagers, I was a brat. I refused to ride the bus to and from school. Thankfully, my mother went out of her way to drive me.

A first-generation Cuban immigrant, she built her own thriving business as a translator in Orlando. Every day, she put aside her work to take me to and from school. I participated in every after-school program I could, including varsity lacrosse. No matter what time I finished, she’d be there. We’d sing old-school ballads like “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers because we both loved the movie “Ghost.”

My mother cared for me every day of my childhood and beyond. When she could no longer take care of herself, I wanted to make sure her caretakers gave her the same love and dignity she always gave me.

I started to search for and visit assisted living facilities. I asked questions that were important to me, and spokespeople gave me partial answers – or sometimes didn’t answer my questions at all. I did not feel comfortable leaving my mother, whom I love deeply, under someone else’s care when every option left me feeling confused and frustrated. I felt like the assisted living facilities couldn’t deliver what they promised in their marketing materials.

The profound impact of that experience prompted me to create something better. That’s why Marie’s Manor was born, as a namesake for my mom.

You care about your parent or loved one as much as I do. And you deserve a place that can deliver on its promises, treat your loved one as if he or she were our own, and combine empathy with the best medical treatments.

I’ve cultivated Marie’s Manor as an assisted living facility where I’d be proud to place my own family. That’s my standard – one that I promise I’ll uphold for your family.

My mom inspired me to create a community of warmth, trust, love, safety, respect and dignity. Family is the most important thing in life. And at Marie’s Manor, we’re happy to welcome you into ours.

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