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Our Services

Marie's Manor provides an array of daily services to our Assisted Living Facility, helping our community members live their lives with dignity, purpose, and meaning.

We set ourselves apart in our commitment and desire to ensure there’s always something exciting to look forward to. We are passionate about providing opportunities for our residents to live an active and fulfilling life as much as possible.

Socialization. We work hard to engage and motivate those under our care. We feed their interests, motivate them to participate in group activities, encourage group exchanges during meals and foster a social environment that includes our staff.

Mental Stimulation. We offer a dedicated mini library and game room. Exercising the mind and staying active is one of the core tenants of care at Marie’s Manor Assisted Living Facility.

Communication. We encourage family involvement and input. We welcome you to participate as we work as a collective team to make sure your loved one is safe, cared for and happy.

Understanding each and every resident's “life story” is important to their happiness and to their ability and desire to share. We understand this transition can prove difficult for the senior and their families. Therefore, we are committed to make sure the transition is safe and smooth for both the families and their loved one.

Nutritional and Dietary Counseling

Many of our residents require some degree of monitoring for their health and well-being. In partnership with your physician, we provide complimentary nutritional and dietary counseling services. We offer custom plans for each resident through our professional dietitian (3 meals, snacks and drinks). The owners are of Caribbean descent, so your loved one can benefit from the delicious Latin flavor in our meals.

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